Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lil Sweet Pea

This little being enchanted every warm and fuzzy particle of my heart all week.

My mom got her the soft fluffy rug and I got her the little knit hat...and for weeks I have been waiting to combine all these elements into a photo session with my niece Sarai.

But this was no easy task! I needed a team of loving and patient kin to make this happen. Trying to keep her on the rug, with the hat on was immensely temporary. Every time we put her down, she would start crawling toward the camera at speeds I hadn't seen her obtain before (I think it's because she is happiest and most free in her birthday suit). And it looked so funny through the lens... these bright happy blue eyes getting bigger and bigger in my frame as she smiled and reached for my camera...I couldn't stop laughing, which made my eyes water and everything was a crazy high paced blur...which made it all the funnier!

But I did capture her. I caught a few tiny precious precious moments before she pulled her hat off by the strings for the hundredth time, before she scrambled off in another direction, squealing with mischievious delight.

The next time I see her she will be walking. She will be a whole other new little being, with new mannerisms and funny little ways about her to adore and absorb into memory. And as sure as stars twinkle, I will be watching her through my lens, trying to capture a part of her that will never grow up...that will stay contained in that little photograph... to help me remember what she was like at that transient age, when she tugged at another of my many heart strings inscribed with her name.


  1. gorgeous post Jaime!
    wishing you a very Happy New Year and 2010!

  2. Oh my gosh ~ so sweet! How cute is she? Babies ~ so photogenic. Have a most wonderful New Years Eve Jaime!

  3. What adorable shots! She is precious!

    Happy New Year!


  4. oh jaime....your love for her is tangible and how lucky is she to be loved and adored by you....and your camera....VERY !

    these are precious photos and I know and totally understand the speed you used in capturing these....

    next time, buy the best pair of tennis shoes you can find and start training for a marathon....those two things together just might let you be able to keep up with her when she's walking....maybe :)

    happy new year.....

  5. Oh Jaime!! These are just wonderful and adorable, and you made me cry, you really did, I just wiped tears away so I could type, but I remember my niece this age and I swear it was just yesterday, but she will be 13 in January, and the joy she brings me now is all tied up in those years gone by, those memories that just happened, I swear they did, and she truly is a different person every time I see her, and we live only 10 miles apart. Embrace every single second, even the bad ones - you will laugh later.


  6. She is so cute.....i can imagine your face full of laughter.
    i wish you a wonderful year 2010.

    As for me i ve moved into the new hospital drowning in work. i think thats my only therapy.

    hope you got the book and my letter.
    Know that you are loved.....

  7. oh they grow so fast, don't they??? adorable shots that i know you will treasure. just adorable.

    i keep telling myself not to blink...i might miss something wonderful.

  8. Oh Jaime, these are SO adorable! What a little doll-baby! I so understand that speed you're speaking of! LOL! What a perfect little darling~ A very Happy New Year to you my friend~ xxx Vicki

  9. Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie!

    Happy New Year Jaime :-)

  10. You just made my day...what a sweet little thing.


  11. Lovely and so much fun! I'm still working on a "plan" to take pics of my own two with huge lollipops and jammies . . . we'll see when that pans out:)

  12. Tap, tap, tap... could you hear me gently tapping at your hearts window on this crisp and promising new day?

    I climbed out of the warmth of my nest today to peek out at the new days dawning all hazy and pink, and I swear I saw you walking the horizon surrounded by nothing but a blanket of mornings magic and mist.
    As you bent to pick up a treasure unseen, I whispered your name upon the wind, and as you stood, you turned with a knowing smile...
    but I was too far away for you to see me smiling too.
    So I grabbed my scarf, and without any shoes, I ran in the direction of where you just had been.
    I came upon the home of your heart, and lovingly breathed the breath of my soul into one perfect little circle on your window so fair. My finger now has etched you a tiny heart, and the tip of my nail has gently written your name.

    I breathed out some of my soul today, just to let you know I'd been there.
    (You are deeply loved, and endlessly missed.)

  13. These have to be the sweetest little baby pictures I've seen. Beautiful!!!
    Wishing you and yours all the best..

  14. Absolutely adorable and angelic! What a sweetheart.
    Beautiful shots.

  15. So adorable!! Your niece is the cutest and your words brought a smile. They do change so quickly at that age - and move quickly, too!

  16. so sweet! love the 'tones' of the photo...

  17. That is the way of children, yes? One look and they illuminate all that is worth living and loving for.



  18. oh my gosh ... adorableness!! love :-)

  19. Oh, she is so sweet!! You must have had the best holiday with her...xoxo

  20. Sorry...that last comment was from me...I didn't realize my son was signed in.:-)

  21. your brothers love for you is as strong as your obvious love for your niece. Thank you for taking these shots, they bring a smile every time. I think it's as much from the picture as my memory of the shoot. Damn that was funny.

    Love you dearly my lovely sister.

  22. I'm back. Back with new year's wishes. I've been so busy doing nothing much that I haven't been around to visit my friends in too long. So, though my wishes are late, I mean them with my whole heart. May your year be filled with laughter. May all your surprises be happy ones. May you remember to count your blessings. May you know each day how very much you are loved. Happy new year, my friend.

  23. so very very precious. a happy merry 2010 to you!

  24. these are amazing and sweet!

    and what a beautiful name for a girl.

    hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year's celebration!

    happy 2010 to you, jaime!

  25. oh honey, she is so adorable!
    i love it!

  26. oh so precious. the holidays are always so much more lively with a little one around - enchanting is a good word for it. i enjoyed my niece and nephew this year too (twins born on Christmas Eve) they are 9 this year. the time has flown by.
    so special that you were able to capture her sweet little body and expressive eyes this year - next year she will, like you say, be a whole other little being in many ways. i know you adore her.