Sunday, December 20, 2009


It all begins for me tomorrow as I make my way inland where the snow is thick and billowy, and the cold air flirts with my blushing cheeks.

The coming days promise me...

Cozy gatherings with the ones I hold most dear to kisses and cuddles and snuggles. My little niece's first Christmas. Oh my soul...I can hardly contain the love.

A Skating party on a frozen lake, roasted marshmallows and crackling flame.

Snowboarding down powdery slopes and soaks in natural hot springs...caves and all.

New wanderings through an adorable little town that is new to me and my camera. This place is known for its cute little cafes and shops. It is a mecca for artists and creative visionaries, free thinkers and environmentally sensitive souls.

What pieces of these sweet days will I capture? What stories will present themselves to me? What new memories will I tuck away for safe keeping inside my heart's treasure box?

And what about your precious heart? May it be delighted by all things sparkly...sugared stars through frost bitten windows...peppermint swizzle stix dipped in hot chocolatey mugs....manderin scents and gingerbread crunches...dusted tree tops...knitted hats and mittens with strings...a snowflake softly falling...
a small offering, a token of peace.

And love.
You are so very loved.


  1. wait...forget my snowy place !
    yours sound like the a magical christmas dream and I want to come with you :)

    soaks in a natural hot that has got to be the closet thing to heaven I have heard all winter...and I'd just be there waiting for you after you get done snowboarding, since I don't do anything that involves skis or a board :)

    and then photos in an artists are killing me with jealousy....

    I can't wait to see and hear all about it !!!!

    the merriest and happiest times to you.....

    {and thank you so much for your card and your words that I swear joined forces and became one big christmas are adored}

  2. well, your photos are always gorgeous and this one is no exception. i hope you have a magical time away - i'm looking forward to seeing all the beauty that you capture on your travels

    i wish for you safe journeys, sparkling memories and a treasure trove of new stories to tell


  3. I'm with Beth. I feel like I've been given a Christmas hug.

    Everything on that list sounds perfect. I love the sound of the skating party on a lake!

    Wishing you many warm memories. happy moments, and peace and love.

  4. Have a most wonderful week with that wee little niece! I look forward to all your pictures of your Christmas get-a-way!

  5. Oh my!!!! Oh my!!! I felt I was reading a fairy tale or Little Women:

    "Cozy gatherings with the ones I hold most dear to kisses and cuddles and snuggles. My little niece's first Christmas. Oh my soul...I can hardly contain the love.

    A Skating party on a frozen lake, roasted marshmallows and crackling flame.

    Snowboarding down powdery slopes..."

    And then sugared stars and showflakes?!! Oh my! she says again. :) I will keep this vision in my head and heart for my Christmas, never white. Thank you so much!!


  6. oh sweetie, this sound like love. warm and inviting love.
    blessings my friend, during this holiday season.
    and love to you, bunches of love to you.

  7. Wishing you a merry, beautiful, and love-filled Christmas.

    This post made my heart sing!


  8. as an adoring aunt, i can feel the love spreading far and wide.

    i hope you have the most beautiful of christmases, filled with all the wonder and delight that it can bring to you.

  9. as are you my friend - SO LOVED!!

    You made me well up with longing to go home. I hope that it fills you to the brim with love and inspiration!

    Happiest of holidays to you! Let me know when you are home again & we'll TALK!!


  10. Sending lots of love right back at you honey! Where are you going? Are you coming back to Alberta?

    Have a beautiful holiday!


  11. What a perfect Christmas Image to go with your descriptions of your much anticipated holiday gathering. Get lots and lots of hugs and kisses from the littlies! They get big so fast! Have a festive holiday season Jaime~ xx Vicki

  12. Jamie, you have wonderful images that speak to me and I have enjoyed my visit to your site. Happy Holidays!

  13. may your heart be filled with love that will tear open from infinities own heart.
    love you so much...have a wonderful christmas!

    Let a little star twinle to remind you it exists just for you, let it be a flower that blooms through the wintry night to tell you who and how much love is.....for in its watching you shall always be its beauty!

  14. Equally beautiful words and image. Wishing you and yours all the best. Happy holidays!!!

  15. You are going to have a most marvelous holiday. Because you have the eyes to find beauty in everything. Because you are open to adventure. Because you have a heart full of love. Oh, merry Christmas, my friend!

    And thank you. My Christmas card was the loveliest surprise. It is so beautiful and so full of love it made me cry happy tears. I do love you, sweet girl.

  16. m

    your words are sparkly and sugared and


  17. And you are such a very beautiful, warm soul, Hope your Christmas was pure magic and may you have a wonder filled new year.