Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Weight of the Ocean

Gravity is a funny thing.

You would think that if it can hold down and contain something as immense and heavy as the ocean, then the force of gravity should be so powerful that we should have difficulty just lifting a foot off the ground!

How is it that we can freely run and jump, leap and vault ourselves into the air despite the constant pull and not one drop of that giant ocean escapes?

You would think that the heavier the object, the more it could resist gravity's stronghold... while feathers would have to be pried off the ground with a great deal of oomph.

I don't care for the boring scientific explanation for all of this. It's just the child in me following a brainstorm.


  1. I'm glad you don't want a scientific answer...I wouldn't have one for you. I prefer to just look at the picture and think about the sea.


  2. i love the feeling of whimsy

    gorgeous shot (as always!!!!)

  3. ah, here we are again........your amazing words and photograph combined to make us sigh..once again.

    There are so many questions aren't there? But i had never thought of this one.

    That photograph is fierce and strong...and filled with power. I love it.

  4. Wow Jaime - the Ocean and the sky look so rough and unforgiving! Such a moving picture ~ as always.

    Nature sure makes you wonder doesn't it? There seems to be certain rules but every rule in Nature seems to be breakable.

    Hmmm...very deep thoughts for a Monday morning... :)

  5. Its a magical mystery. As always, I love your photos~

  6. It's a mystery isn't it...

    a really amazing mystery along with an amazing photo to highlight your thoughts !

  7. that photo evokes a sense of mystery.

  8. such a beautiful photo. loving your thoughts.

  9. that is a mystery! wouldn't it be fun if the ocean could leap and vault into the air as freely as we do! (well .. i suppose you could argue that the waves are its attempt to do just that.)

    i love love love the colors in this photo. especially the grey-ish green of the water.

  10. This is such a fabulous image, so powerful and awe inspiring. I like the way your child mind thinks!

  11. I love pondering these mysteries. Water really, really gets me going.

  12. Me again! :) Just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely words and encouragement. I love reading your comments on my blog. I am thinking I would like to see a picture of your bunny that nibbles your Christmas tree and presents. That is too too funny! Ahh pets...they are so sweet!

  13. I am back and my computer is allowing me to write this time. This image would knock my socks if I were wearing any - it is maybe my very favorite ever of yours. I love it, love the feel, love the mood it moves me into. And I don't understand gravity at all except that it means I should never sit under an apple tree, but I don't understand the stars either and I love the not understanding.

    PS - I would follow the child in you anywhere.

    :) Debi

  14. Wonderful photo! I often think of the interesting aspects of gravity...the gravity of a situation,and leaping dancers dancers who's every creative move and manouvre has to take this into account.I often dream I am dancing weightless in the ethereal sky -it's magical...and of course those wondrous creatures, the mighty whales swimming in such seas as you've pictured, leaping high into the air with their great weight, only to be pulled back into the depths my gravity.Lovely post Rhayne.!

  15. ..sorry about the typos Rhayne.I think the brain is off floating somewhere!

  16. Oh u delightful girl!! This so made me smile:) and smile somemore :) feathers and oceans switching places. What an imagination u have!
    XO and a stunningly, dramatically serious photo to go with it:-|

  17. Love how you think....
    Wonderful image. Love the colors..the sense of immense vastness..the mood.

  18. Such delight and wonder is beyond the scientific, and the true reason people have survived through the history of time.