Saturday, November 14, 2009


It's not ready to let go... to find its place amongst the others, strewn across well worn paths, draped over ferns and fallen logs, soggy with November rain. Not prepared to hear itself crunch and crumble underfoot. Not ready to dissolve into a million tiny pieces and become a part of the earth, even if it will enrich the soil and nourish new growth.

Not yet.

It is caught between two universes. No longer bound to the tree, not yet part of the underground. Untethered. Free.

Is it asking for a second chance at life? A different view of the world from a brand new perspective? Is it wishing for a place to catch a few beams of warmth as the sun passes low through the barren wood?
Maybe it wants to be moved by the wind just one more time... to dance into a swirly gust and finally, on its own terms... gracefully accept its fate.


  1. Your pictures and words are always so beautiful Jaime! Alas all the leaves are off the tree here as well. Everything is so dirty and dry. But it's pictures such as yours that helps us still see beauty around us! Good stuff!

  2. It is not going gently, is it? One last twirl. one last whooof into the air - it seems like not so much to ask. Just these few moments of absolute freedom, about which it has no doubt fantasized, just these few moments, and then it will say enough, I am done, and join the others. But only when it is ready. Only then. We should pay attention to such wisdom.

    :) Debi

  3. this was so beautiful....
    are you sure you don't know my son...
    are you sure you didn't write it for him ?

    "on its own terms"....WOW...that is so true !!!

  4. You took what would have been an ignored, brown leaf and made it almost seem alive to me. I found myself feeling sad for the poor little thing...hanging on for dear life. That is a skill most of us don't share. You are an artist with your words.


  5. This post made me sigh, a long leisurely satisfying sigh. Gorgeousness!


  6. Sweet sweet Humming bird,your delicate soul finds in the heart of a flower the most authentic taste of life, touching the most subtile things that only 'a seed from the same pod' can feel.

    So sublime profoundly meaningful that it fills my eyes.

    Every thing is chiseled from the deep attention that has always made you into this extraordinary person. Graceful, and beautiful!

    This leaf, a the becoming of every word that you have writen makes me feel totally rains on my face.

    i have always known that the centre of the universe has been sitting inside you! This leaf's soul revealed to you what noone else could have heard.

    For the last few months i have been this leaf. Shrivelling,
    Accepting, surrendering, finding a way to let a lost grain of sand waiting to be carried away.

    With deep gratitude for these words!


  7. Jaime, your words are as perfect as your images~ I want to walk to that leaf and snatch it away from the clutches of the earth for just a little while longer... and maybe give it a home in my nature collection til its ready to let go.

  8. beautiful words and image as always. i was leaving my driveway on friday when i noticed on small red leave on a shrub/tree next to the house. the rest was completely barren and stark, and it was so cold and windy out, that i was admiring the strength and tenacity of that one lone leave. these are tiny leaves, too -- about and inch and a half long. so to see that little tiny thing on that great big shrub was so cool. it's gone today. it too accepted its fate, i guess.

    you should write a book, you know that?

  9. a beautiful write. and yes, on our very own terms. that perpetual search for the rightness within us.

  10. I think that you should make a book..........It will be a treasure filled with light and beauty. It will make people happy.
    I would love to get it as a birthday present :)

  11. hi beautiful!
    oh how i love it when i come here and allow your lovely words to greet me.
    i just love it~

  12. Your words have such beautiful thoughts. A wonderful post!

  13. Hmmm, are you sure that isnt just a leaf stuck on a branch? ;P

  14. Your words are so meaningful. Absolutely wonderful pairing of word and image!!!

  15. Have you read The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger? Your photograph and post remind me of this darling children's book. I bought it for my niece last's so sweet.

  16. Sigh...your words nourish the soul.

  17. the combination of your words and your imagery is music for the soul. you have an incredible talent.

  18. yes, just waiting for a gentle nudge, a kiss of of a breeze and then to sleep ....
    Beautiful and very poetic post, thank you

  19. Such a bittersweet melody from this tender leaf...