Thursday, November 5, 2009

Star Fish

Sometimes I don't have a whole lot to say.

Silent as a starfish.
Yet reaching out, linking arms, seeking connection.

Peacefully aware that, in this deep sea of quietness,
I am still a part of a larger constellation.


  1. Wow. I'm with Christina and Char: gorgeous AND amazing!! xo

  2. Oh my gosh! I've never seen starfish like that before. I actaully saw my first live starfish for the first time last October when I was in Vancouver for the first time! (I don't get out much - ha ha!) It was in a seagull's mouth. I suspect it didn't last long. :( Great picture!

  3. What??!!! What?! And you tell me I here in Texas have animals and plants that are strange to you. Oh my. I cannot even imagine such a sight as this. Oh goodness!!! Oh my. Again!

    :) :)

  4. How is it that even when you don't have much to say, you still write the most beautiful prose? More a poem than a post. You, my friend, have so many gifts. And, I am very, very grateful that you share them here. You touch my heart each time I visit.

  5. What an amazing photo. I've seen them on the beach, but never in such a group.


  6. Yes, amazing photograph and beautiful words.

  7. Sometimes, like the starfish, we don't have to say anything in order to communicate much.

  8. these starfish are amazing....are they in the water right by where you live ? I would go ape if I saw these while wading in the water...well, ape in a good way of "holly crap these are so cool"

  9. Even when you dont have much to say, you say it all........In two sentences you sum it up. I am always left in awe and a smile when i visit your place........Im SO happy to know this place of yours and get to see your amazing pictures and read your heart-warming words.

    LOTS of love coming your way!

  10. What Relyn up above said, each and every word. You have a gift and I love it when I have a chance to come visit.

    I threw a starfish back into the ocean once and thought, "I made a difference to that one."

    You make a difference with each post.

  11. Those are some big and fat starfish and such beautiful colours too. I've only ever seen small ones washed up on the beach.

  12. This is quite a sight ... your verse is beautiful.

  13. i'm not halfway
    through your photographs
    and - literally! - had to stop
    to release this...

    w o w !

    mesmerizing work!
    just beautiful~

  14. yes yes you are ... much love xo

  15. Yes you are! I know EXACTLY how you feel - have been very quiet this week. Perhaps we are getting ready to hibernate!

    P.S. What an amazing picture!

  16. I know that quiet, connection-seeking place too, but I rarely achieve it and I certainly never express it so beautifully.

  17. they look so magical!

    I saw my first starfish on the coast maybe a year ago. It was purple and sparkly and (looked) squishable and beautiful. These ones look even more alive - like they are just loving on each other. :)

  18. Absolutely you are... and in such beautiful imagery...



  19. Some people say way too much without ever having anything to say, others say much too little when you wish they would say more, and then there are others that say just enough, about all the right things, even when they dont have alot to say! :)

    (you are the last one in case you were wondering!)

  20. Have never seen starfish gathered together like this. Wonderful color. Love the silence!!!

  21. shining light your way my friend xx

  22. Oh, you are speaking to my heart today...Quiet? Yes, I understand quiet very well. And I love those starfish!

    Popping in to whisper a little hello.

    I hope all is well with you. :-)

  23. i love the quiet connection and so glad you are a part of my blogging world.

  24. Oh I can so relate to having few words but much to share. I love how they all look like a pack of puppies laying all over each other. So connected without even trying. :)