Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Light Frosting

Brrrrrrrr.... it's cold out there! Unusually cold for the island. I'm no early bird, and by the time I wake up in the morning, any signs of overnight frost have already melted into oblivion. But not today.

I found a wee patch of frosted moss and mushrooms. Actually, the moss is what caught my eye.... the mushroom was a happy surprise.  A little gift from the winter faerie realm.

I am going skating this afternoon with some dear friends, which will be followed by a hot bowl of chilli and some chewy chocolatey brownies that just came out of the oven. The aromas floating around the room right now are intoxicating.

Frosty on the outside, warm and cosy on the inside... just the way I like it. November bliss.


  1. i love it when mushrooms are happy surprises :)

  2. Amazing that the mushroom has survived the frost. What a magical surprise!

  3. The photos are just magical . . . mmmm all that warm food is making me hungry.

  4. You make a cold day seem like fun sweet Jaime! I can almost smell that yummy chilli and taste those brownies!

    Keep warm my friend!

    xo Catherine

  5. What an unusual sight to see in the snow ... beautiful.

  6. Such beautiful photographs - and a delightful scene you described, making me wish for winter.

  7. Oh lordy I love the photographs you make.

    Hope you are staying warm over there!

  8. The meal has been eaten.
    The kitchen is clean.
    The leftovers are stashed.
    The walk has been taken.
    Everyone is happy and fed and blessed.
    Now I have the time to stop by.
    On this Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you; for this blog; for our friendship. Sending you much love, Relyn

  9. Jamie,
    Your photos delight the senses. Your words inspire.
    I am thankful every time I read your seriously makes my day!
    You are gifted in so many ways.

  10. i am such a baby in the cold, but you make it sound delighful. you even make it look delightful. i can smell the magic in the air.


  11. these are such unique frosty photos - somehow there is a hint of spring in them yet it's just the beginnning of winter.
    refreshing wonderful photography always by you.