Sunday, November 27, 2011

A History of Love

There is a wonderful old bookstore downtown that sells mostly used books. I especially love to go upstairs and wander along the creaky wooden floors through the many tall shelves, eyes and heart open to whatever quietly beckons my attention. All this place is missing is a resident cat.

There is one small shelf that contains really old books. Some of them have the most beautiful covers. Like this one. I had to have it... I'm known to judge books by their covers, and I really only bought this one because of the cover. I had no idea what was inside until I brought it home.

The very first page, the very first few lines brought a smile to my face...

It is the fairy forest old,
With lime-tree blossoms scented!
The moonshine had with its mystic light
My soul and sense enchanted.

Yes. I was hopelessly enchanted. This little gem is full of beautiful phrases. 
And that wasn't the only gift I found within its pages. In four different places, I found four leaf clovers, pressed within the pages oh so very long ago.

It makes me wonder who owned this book.  No doubt, she loved it.  Did she carry it with her everywhere? Did she lay in a field on a warm summer day, reading out loud the phrases that moved her, plucking clovers and tucking them into her favourite pages? Perhaps she was stowing away her good fortune for a less than perfect day. Was she in love? With one precious someone? With the world?

One clover was on a page containing this...

Immovable, unchanging,
The stars stand in the skies,
Upon each other gazing
With sad and loving eyes.

And it doesn't matter really, what page I turn to... each page is adorned with beautiful lyrics... this book of songs. I will devour it slowly. One page at a time. Perhaps there are other things hidden within these pages that I have yet to find.

If you would like to see the the critter I captured today in all her adorableness, head over here.


  1. i seriously got goosebumps reading this. this book found its way to you.

  2. All I can think is that you and my daughter might just be 2 of a kind. This would be the ultimate find in her world. And...then to find clovers b/w the pages. Swoon.

    O.K., so I went to the link to see your "pet" and I was totally absorbed with all of the rest of your photo shoots that I almost forgot to come back! Holy Moly, they are absolutely gorgeous. You truly have a gift.

    P.S. How is little Ivy (your neice) doing?

  3. What a beautiful magical find. So glad it was found by you.

    p.s. I just finished a batch of brownies, and now you are making me wish I had a new batch. I might have to visit the store tomorrow. In case you have more brownies and want an idea, I topped the last few with peppermint bark ice cream. :)

  4. Your words & photos take me on such wonderful journeys. thanks for sharing :)

    It was fun to look at all the new shots on your photography blog, your work is just amazing.

  5. What a precious gift! This book was meant for you :).


  6. I have to be honest...
    Each week I count the days until you post.
    I am enchanted by by both your words and images.
    What a gift you have.
    What a gift you are.

  7. beautiful captures and beautiful words

  8. I just love your beautiful creations ~ You bring me much joy even in the mist of my time of loss.'Can you please share authors name of "The Book of Songs"? much appreciated and with my sincere gratitude for you being out there and touching my heart here.
    kathy rohner

  9. Hello Kathy,

    Thank you so much for visiting... It warms my heart to know that this blog of mine touches you. I am so sorry for your loss.
    The writer's name is Heinrich Heine.
    I was unable to find a way to contact you, other than here on my own blog... I hope you return to this post so that this message gets to you.
    I wish you well. xo

  10. Lovely post; the book is beautiful, inside and out. But Theadorable is my fave!!

  11. This is so beautiful!! The rather strange lesson to be learned is that - yes..sometimes - it's okay to judge a book by its cover. Its cover is clearly as are its insides!

  12. Jaime,
    Where did you disappear to?
    I am hankering for some of your lovely images and words!
    Hope you are well.

  13. hello sweetie,
    this is lovely.


  14. I love that you buy the book for the cover. I love that your heart is open to such treasures. I just love you, I guess.