Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keeping it Simple

I had the whole beach to myself today.  I guess not many people love the cool grey weather as much as I do. I feel badly for them.

It may have been a bit moody outside today, but it was a serene journey along the shoreline for my spirit... my mind was quiet. In fact, I hardly thought about anything at all. What a beautifully satisfying thing! I was deeply present with myself and my stretching landscape... looking for objects of oceanic beauty, listening to the silent spaces between the waves, feeling the odd raindrop plunk upon my head.

I felt nourished. And my creative muse came along to stomp in the waves with me as well... I had forgotten all about my lensbaby, and decided it would be a perfect tool to explore the beach with today. I love the interesting views through that lens... a little bit surreal and otherworldly.

And as it started to darken, I made my way home where I knew that a cup of sweet chai and a warm cinnamon twist was waiting for me.

It's the simplicity of days like this that allow me to thrive. I don't think I was ever meant to live a full, hectic busy life... I think if I did, I would quickly shrivel up like that leaf up there, and fall between the cracks. It's just not my style.


  1. Such serenity in your words and photos. I too love a great moody good for introspection. I too can not take too much hectic business. Be well my dear. xo

  2. We both walked a beach we had to ourselves's that for cosmic?

  3. I love an uncomplicated life too Jaime. I do not need to be booked every minute of the day, every day of the week. Curling up on the couch while watching a movie is my idea of a good time. And walking on a deserted beach with my camera? Heaven!!

    Lovely photos as always my friend!

    And it made me happy opening up my email today and seeing all your lovely messages! You are just the sweetest girl!

    Big hugs to you!!!

    And yes, changing the time would be MUCH better than putting up with all this snow. :( But we are still luckier than the provinces that have the time change AND the snow! Ha!! :)

    xo Catherine

  4. Your images always captivate me. Wish I could have walked along the shoreline with you. I really miss not living by the ocean.

  5. I've been peeking at all of those Lensbaby options. How fun they look. It's funny you thrive in the peace and calm. I am trying to become more attuned into why I get so hyper in group situations. I think I am a mis-diagnozed introvert. Being all chatty and hyper is really just "coping" until I get back to my quiet and calm. I admire that you know this much about yourself and can react to it.

  6. you were alone, but you take us there with your images. thank you for this bit of peacefulness.

  7. i totally would have been there....for me, there's not a bad day to be on the beach :)

  8. It's not my style either. I love moments of it, but I need the quiet pauses in between.

    Speaking of chai, I had a brilliant idea yesterday! I have this chai mix that you combine with milk - half and half. I am going to buy eggnog and make chai eggnog! (It sounds good. Let's hope it *is* good.)

    I always love coming here. I feel closer to beauty and peace whenever I do. xoxo

  9. If I have to make myself do two appointments in a week I feel hard done by and think myself too busy....I so prefer my own company and my own home and surroundings...... I'm the kinda gal who doesn't even answer the phone if I don't feel like wasting time talking....and..I'm the only person I know who doesn't have a cell phone and never will. They can leave a message if it's important.... maybe, just maybe...I might call back..... yeh... I'm a hermit...and love it.

  10. the lines on the rock/shell/egg/? look like a musical score. one you know how to read. thank you for this song of the moody beach.

  11. I feel nourished just reading about it. My life is full, hectic, and busy. Mostly I love it. But some days I wish there were an ocean near. And you.