Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh, I LOVE this...

Green beany vines that look like hearts. I would love to climb this beanstalk.

Clear night skies filled with silent winking asterisks.

Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cookies.

Standing under tall rainy dripping trees... so I can look up and watch the drops fall down, down, like tiny minnows swimming head first toward my squinting eyes.

Looking at things upside down, then right side up, then upside down again.

Scavenging the beach for smooth Saturn-like stones with mysterious rings around them.

Dog sneezes

Books of wind up birds and sugar queens and elegant hedgehogs.

The complete and utter charm that has overtaken me by a sweet little girl who loves bellybuttons. Hers and yours.

Getting a Hug in the mailbox from my thoughtful, hugable Grandma.

Deciduous trees just starting to glow. (I love the word deciduous.)

Static cling sparks in the dark.

The world just keeps infusing my soul with loveable things!


  1. A wonderful photo. A wedding took place today - 2 houses away, on the cross corner, people I don't know. Katie & I snuck into the next door neighbor's back yard to peep. There is something about love being proclaimed, be it weddings or fabulous vines, that just makes me feel that all is right in the world, no matter what.

    I love your list. I am going to turn off the lights and try to make static cling sparks before I sleep. Thank you.

    :) Debi

  2. you made me laugh with dog sneezes...
    nobody thinks of those, but you did and YES...when my dog sneezes and her whole head shakes...we laugh out loud !!!

  3. Hi there,
    Yes, it would be so nice to climb up this beanstalk, I can only imagine what one would find. I just updated my blog roll and described your blog as Beauty in photographs.

  4. Deciduous is a delicious word.


  5. I love your picture of the vines - love is always around us if we look for it! Sometimes it really is the little things that bring us the most joy...indeed!

  6. Jaime, you are an absolute wizardess with images and words! I look forward to your posts ... both words and images betstow lovely thoughts and dreams to on all of us. Thank you~ xxVicki

  7. oh, so lovely. all of it!

    your photos have a look that is all your own. just beautiful.

  8. I love that photo.
    But your list is magnificent.

  9. eeeeeeeee! So magical!!!


    I want to wrap that little vine around my hair, peek over my shoulder and see it all day.


  10. Hearts everywhere,
    heart-to-heart xx

  11. SO lovely! I love the picture & this list, but most of all, I love your view of the world. I love that you look so deeply into the small details all around you and of life. It makes me feel like it's okay - you won't miss anything!! There is a level of deep appreciation about you that makes me grin and want to dash over for a cup of tea and a walk. It's now about the millionth time I wish we lived closer!!

    I'm seriously beginning to cosmic order a trip to the west coast.

    love to you!!!

  12. an inspired and inspiring list! this photo is so incredibly gorgeous! I love static cling sparks too!

  13. I love the word deciduous too, and glowing trees even more..........

    and i love your list, and i love your blog................You never cease to inspire me or make me smile..............what you said about blogs(two posts back) is sooooo true! i relate to it so much. When i think about it reading blogs has actually changed my life so positively.

    Anyway i hope you are having a beautiful day, filled with love.

    Hugs to you :)

  14. Exquisitely beautiful..stunning detail. Love the rich color!!!

  15. You are one of loveables that infuse my soul. I am thinking of you, Jaime. And when I do, I always smile. Every single time.

  16. Jaime,

    I've been wanting to post tonight. Wanting to and wanting to. You got me going. My post is for you. Thank you, my friend.

  17. Oh, one more thing. I'm reading of elegant hedgehogs right now, and I know a few sugar queens. But, where can I find the wind up birds?

  18. so lovely. i ventured here from relyn's blog and i'm oh so glad i did. :) i'll be back to visit again.

  19. Hi Jaime! I came here from Relyn's site. Your list of lovables is great!

  20. I'm visiting from my friend Relyn's blog. What a magical post! I'm so glad I found you. xoxo Gigi

  21. oh these things make me smile with delight and wonder. i love your list and adore that photo. isn't it just so exciting to spot something like this?

  22. I'm here because of Relyn too, and I love your list. You touched on so many things that I love. It is nice to "meet" you.


  23. Visiting from Relyn's site. you are lovely. your writing is lovely.

  24. visiting from relyn's.
    this is heaven, and i love this list for so many reasons, but mostly because your grandma, sends you hugs in the mailbox.
    : ) xo

  25. Dog sneezes are the best, aren't they? And the way they put their paws up to their noses when they have a tickle there!

    Stopping by from Relyn's, and so glad that I did. Lovely list and images. By the way, I used to lay on the couch or in a chair with my head hanging off (upside down) and would often imagine myself walking on the ceiling, stepping over the doorways....


  26. awwwww..who else but you~ sweet girl that you are~ could have sought out love in the tendrils. sooo lovely. but it is the list that makes me smile and look on with wonder at who it is you must be out there in the universe. a beautiful soul and so full of love. gosh i did miss you while you were gone you know? i didn't realize how much..