Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aging Gracefully

There is something about her that exudes a beauty that was not achievable as a bloom newly burst out of bud.

Her petals are slowly showing fine lines and the odd wrinkle or two, but the ripeness of her complexion more than makes up for it.

She stands tall, holds her head high and moves with the breeze like a symphony.

She may be aging but she is not fading. Her self assurance is almost tangible.

She is evanescent and knows the power of seizing every fleeting moment before it evaporates.

She also knows that like a full-bodied red wine, good things come with age.


  1. beautiful description of this proud flower.

    beautiful silky bokeh too

  2. :-) oh yes ... love the description and the gorgeous colour, she wears it well ...

  3. Oh my! Beautifully written..

    'She stands tall, holds her head high and moves with the breeze like a symphony'

    yes! she does! All the way.

    Love you my friend xx

    PS: Hopefully this gorgeous flower have learned with age that she should be gentle and kind to herself...and above! xx

  4. This literally made me cry. I must be a bit hormonal or something - LOL! - but it hit home hard. 56 is looming less than month away for me. 56!!!!!! I so identify with this little flower & hope I can learn from her.


  5. do you know me so well ?
    wink wink !!

    I love these dried up flowers better now, then when in full bloom....

    now they stand out and have a personality...before they were just part of an overgrown crowd...

  6. i just turned 38 last week. oh, how i want to be like her.

  7. i do believe this and i do see her beauty. i love how you have presented this in word and visual.

    i am almost always drawn more to the aging blooms than to the freshly blossomed

  8. really know how to create beauty with words.

  9. How wonderful to read the essence of a flower, the "being" of it. People with green thumbs do this automatically, and it is not with arrogance or smugness that I genuinely cannot understand people who say everything dies on them.One only has to listen to what a plant needs, and it's not much different to our own criteria for a comfortable life.This is a beautiful tribute on so many levels.I enjoyed it very much.

  10. There is something almost more beautiful when a flower is captured in its aging days. Gorgeous image!!!

  11. In about a week or so I'll turn 41... I need to remember her secret...



  12. You...have...a gift...You truly do. This brought tears to my eyes. Like Debi (S-K-J), up above, I will be turning 50 next month. I'd like to think I'm a bit like this flower. Thank you for your beautiful words and beautiful image.

  13. so very, very beautiful. I love flowers, in full bloom and as they fade.

  14. She may be aging but she is not fading. Her self assurance is almost tangible.

    That. That is exactly how I hope people will describe me when I grow beautiful old.