Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rumi Love

Birdsong brings relief to my longing

I am just as ecstatic as they are
but with nothing to say!

Please, universal soul, practice
some song, or something, through me.



  1. what a pretty little bird house. I bet they fight over who gets to raise their young there.

  2. Love that image, feels kind of magical.

  3. What a cute little birdie house...I keep thinking I should make one or two..I love them.... but, somehow...never do get around to making one of my own....

  4. Beautiful imagery!! And - nothing more inspiring than Rumi!

  5. Oh, Rumi, how I love you.

    And you, Jaime, and your posts and images.

    p.s. I came across a Rumi quote the other day that I am now in love with:

    And from beyond the intellect, beautiful Love comes dragging her skirts, a cup of wine in her hand.

  6. how i love rumi.
    and to place that poem with that picture... well. magic.

  7. How did I get so behind over here?
    Love love love this sweet little bird house.
    xo C