Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Growth

On one of my morning mountain climbs, I overheard one woman say to another that she could hear the moss and flowers growing. I wished my ears were as acute as hers, just so I could listen in on the rest of their conversation. How completely out of context did I take that statement, not knowing anything else about the conversation? Who cares? It's fun to think about...

What would that sound like? I imagine it would be a soft sound... like a baby stretching. Or the yawn of a field mouse. When they drink the raindrops, do they sound like fish bubbles? When they open to the sun, do they let out a satisfying sigh?

Wouldn't it be amazing to be a robin for a day...silent on the lawn, a tilt of the head, listening to the movement of the worms under the soil... what does that sound like? I imagine it might sound like soft static from an old record player.

I may not be able to hear these things, but I can see them, and take in their delicate fragrances... and who can walk by a fuzzy bud without touching it? I know I can't resist.

Happy Spring everyone...welcome it with all your senses.
May the Easter Bunny twitch his whiskers at you and leave you something special... and chocolatey!


  1. Robins can hear worms? Can they hear better or is it only because they are so close to the ground? I have never thought about sounds that I cant hear. Thats amazing! I like this blog. I like your new picture. Thanks for always keeping me thinking.

  2. Love the new header, so light and bright. I love your ponderings too, it makes me want to run outside just to see what I can hear if I really listen.

  3. I think this Rainer Maria Rilke quote says it all:
    "Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night."

  4. sigh... dearest Jaime... have you got any spring to spare... I seem to have none. :(
    xo Catherine

  5. So tempted to lie among the grasses and listen... grasshopper legs rubbing; oh my ears!

  6. Happy Spring to you Rhayne. I've missed visiting you as life seemed to completely take over. College planning aside...things are moving along at a slower pace until we begin making our rounds of visits next week and into the summer. We'll be in Portland but plans have changed a zillion times. My stepmother has all sorts of things planned for my daughter. We're also going into the wine country and up and down the Oregon coast. I cannot wait as I adore this part of the country. NEXT time, however, I want to make my way up there to Victoria!!

  7. oh Rhayne, your words capture me. I can hear Spring emerging.

  8. such a sweet fun your writing...just found your blog today ;)