Monday, February 6, 2012


We've all heard the phrase the eyes are windows to the soul.
Well, could windows be eyes for the soul?

I was on my way home from a friend's house yesterday when I saw an elderly man standing in front of an antique shop window. He was wearing beige trousers that were rolled at the ankle, a long trench coat and a black hat... he looked so distinguished and gentlemanly. He was leaning on his cane, peering into the window at one of the items on display. I wondered what held his attention... Was it a trinket that reminded him of a boyhood possession? A nostalgic object that caused his heart to skip over his long lost love? Whatever it was, it had a hold on him... he moved ever so slightly as though he was going to walk away, and then turned back again into the window, bending over a little to get a closer look at the object of his affection.
Clearly something in that window stirred his soul.

I felt that very same stirring when I woke up to sunlight surging through my bedroom window after days and weeks of cloud and grey. It was enough to make me tumble out of bed and reach for my camera. And after a few quick shots, and a moment to pause and bathe in the beautiful light, I fell back into bed... and closed my eyes.

ps... if you are craving the light, visit the Four and soak up the beauty there.


  1. What a lovely post. I can imagine the elderly man at the window. Why does it make me feel slightly sad? For some reason, reminiscing is somewhat melancholy for me. Time is so fleeting.

  2. You describe the elderly man so beautifully, I too am intrigued by what stirred his soul.

  3. Look at that beautiful soft bokeh dancing on the glass pane. So sweet. Scenes like with the old man give me no end of curiosity to contemplate.

  4. i love your beautiful photo of light through the window... and your description of the elderly man.

  5. Love your description of the old man..and his peering into the window in search of something. And - what an exquisitely beautiful winter image!

  6. I get so excited when I get a notice you have posted something new to your seriously makes my day! You just have a way with words and images that make an very talented and wise you are...I wonder WHAT he was looking at! I want to go to the store and look myself to see if I can figure it out!
    Love the image.

  7. Of course that's your own window. Of course. I would expect no less that a single, beautiful sea star.

  8. I wonder what it was!

    That sea star is so very enchanting and magical.