Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hurry Up and Slow Down

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's a life lesson that keeps presenting me with opportunities to become more aware and grow. I think I have had more trouble with patience than almost anything. It's part of who I am... I am eternally patient when I am teaching, when I am supporting a friend, when I am focussed outward... but when it comes to my own needs or wants, my resolve flies out the window like a trapped bird. If I want something to happen, if I want to accomplish something or learn something new, as soon as I decide that I want this thing, whatever it is, it needs to happen yesterday.

For eight months now, I have been trying to recover from a nerve injury in my arm. Progress has been excruciatingly slow. It feels as though I take a couple of steps forward and then I push myself a little too far and stumble backward.. again and again. I can't do the full body exercises that I want to do... I can't restore my strength, I can't do physical activities that I really want to do... until. Until my body decides to heal completely. Until I stop the battle within myself, surrender to the situation and allow my body the space to heal. 

I wonder what it is within me that has decided that I am on rush time? What's the hurry? The trees don't bud until their limbs feel the gradual warmth of the sun. And the blossoms don't open up to the world until the time is right and they are confident they can flourish. Spring doesn't happen overnight. Most essential things don't. Everything evolves with its own particular flow.

Perhaps I need to absorb more fully what I see through my lens. Each beautiful thing I observe has brought itself into fullness at a slow and gentle pace. Even decay has its own unhurried process. Nature is providing me with an answer, if I would just slow down and take her seriously.


  1. Sometimes we don't listen to what our body is telling us. I hope you heal soon sweet Jaime!
    xo Catherine

  2. I would like the superpower of integrating the lessons of nature. Wouldn't that be nice!

    I am exactly the same way. Patience can be extended outward, but not inward. Well, I am getting better, but progress seems slow at times.

    Wishing you much spaciousness and healing.

  3. If you are patient with others, try to look at at yourself and your injury from the if you were one of your friends...what would you give as an advice...?
    Yes, our advices are the harder ones to follow, but...just listen to them... ;) and listen to nature, of course!
    Whishing you feel better!

  4. i was born on rush time. i think. as i have always been impatient and in a hurry....

    UNTIL....i picked up a camera. with a camera in my hands, i have all the patience in the world. i can sit still for an hour if that's what i have to do for a shot.

    but in general life....oh heck, i'm still usually in a rush.

    i hope your continued healing speeds i know the frustration that comes with something like the....


  5. I am so sorry for your injury. Are you still able to play the piano? To teach? Oh, now I am worried for you.

  6. Seems to me that patience with our own the hardest thing of all. Here's to speedy healing!

  7. I'm an impatient person too . . . we all want to rush that healing process and find ourselves frustrated when it doesn't happen quick enough. Sending you healing thoughts but may nature be your salve in the meantime. Hugs. x

  8. Lovely photos dear Jamie...How DO you get such intimate and perfectly clear shots?!!!
    I am sorry to hear about your really sucks...and I know how you patient dear one as long term nerve damage is not fun...consider it a 'staycation' and a time to travel inward if you can...paint your toe nails maybe, read some good books (I have a list if you like) and its busyness will ALWAYS be there...but those moments of 'down' time can be hard to find...I hope you heal completely...and soon.

  9. I definitely feel your frustration with the elbow is still not nearly better. I am only a few months away from golf season and ours is sooooo short. I am panicking that if I hit 3 balls it will hurt about as much as it did last October. I have not strength in it either...and it is atrophied too because I can't do much with the whole arm.....sigh.....I have no patience at all and am a bitch most days with this thing.

    Several doctors have been no help.... physio is expensive and doesn't seem to be working .... arrrghhh...what to do eh? ... Just waiting doesn't seem to be working either... I think I will try some acupuncture next ...must do something.... can't just sit around and wait for something good to happen.

  10. Wow this is wonderful. I have patience for everyone and everything, but not for myself. I never realized this about myself until I read your blog here. What a revelation. I'll have to look at myself from "outside"...and see if I can slow myself down. love this insight.