Sunday, February 20, 2011

Words are my Elixir

It has been a quiet weekend. I've been sniffling through a cold, taking it slow, withdrawing from the world, spending a good deal of my time with an open book in my hand. This is what happens when you work with kids....they are bug magnets, and sooner or later, no matter how healthy my lifestyle, I get bugged.  Thank goodness it is mild. And I am grateful that the worst of it occurred during the weekend, when I had lot's of time to slow down and let my body heal, without the pressures of having to go to work. I'll worry about that tomorrow. Hopefully one more good night sleep will lessen the angst.

For now, I can lose myself in other netherworlds. Stories on the page, stories on film...oh, I love a good story. The stories inside my dreams have been pretty astonishing as well. Last night, I found myself in a place I go to often in my dreams, gazing up toward a massive swirl of stars, churning quickly as though caught in a whirlpool in the twilight sky....not quite dark, but dark enough to take in this faint and glimmering celestial wonder. I wasn't afraid, and I was the only one in my dream that seemed to notice that this was unusual and extremely beautiful. I know so much else happened during this dream...I can grasp a feeling or distant memory for a few seconds, but then it eludes me. How frustrating. I should have written it down this morning. But I never do....and I always forget.

I am glad for these little escapes into story when the body feels so crumby and uncomfortable. The mind can take us places and help us forget about reality for a little while. And hopefully a cup of warm tea will help me forget about my nagging cough. sigh.


  1. dreams are great places!
    your swirling stars sound wondrous,
    i rarely dream of nature and when i do
    it is never so peaceful as yours.

  2. Oh that sounds like a magical dream...I want one like that. As for your cough, put some Vicks Vaporub on your feet then wear warm socks..I promise, it will help. Don't forget to put some honey in your tea. xoxox

  3. feel better....
    my daughter works with kids and oh, the sickness that goes around.....

    i rarely remember my dreams....but i did the other night only because i was continually lost in it....

    maybe that's a nightmare :)

  4. How very lovely.
    The dream and photo (not the bug).
    Hope you feel better soon.
    think I'll go make some right now!

  5. What a wonderful, simple, creative photo. I really just adore your photography. You are very talented. My kids are now caught up in looking at your blog when a new photo appears.

    Hope that cold runs its course and is off to another place soon!

  6. A good movie or a really good book certainly gives being sick a plus side doesn't it? Add in a cup of tea and a blanket and you are set to go! :)

    Hope you get well soon Jaime!
    xo Catherine

  7. I love a good story too. Or a good book, even non-fiction. I do love books.

    My dreams have been crazy lately. In last night's dream, I had written a poem. I could see the entire poem - and it was good - and I was adding one or two more lines that someone inspired so I could read the poem to them. But when I opened my eyes, all I could remember were four words of it. (And of course I didn't write them down because it seemed hopeless so now I've forgotten them too.) Sniffle.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  8. I´ve just discovered your blog and let me say that it´s amazing.
    I adore all the photos - they all look so fragile and pastel tones are very pleasant for my eyes. And it was very nice to read little stories from your life!
    Start watching you :)

    Have a nice day,

  9. I hope the tea did the trick.

    Sending blessings,

  10. hope you're feeling better soon. words..oh lovely ones.

  11. Feel better, my friend. I'm thinking of you. Am also wondering what you are reading?

  12. Oh the ever elusive hard to hold on to sometimes. Gorgeous photo...very emotive.

  13. love the highlighted words in the photo ~ beautiful

    you must be feeling better, i'll check in your new post :)

  14. Hope you're feeling better! xo

  15. That is the magic of words, yes? Place but a few in a lyrical string and the music takes beyond the here and now.

    I hope you're feeling better.


  16. Stories have always been my escape and refuge. The stories of others, and the stories I create myself. I am a reader and writer of fairy tales and fantasy, all things magical and wondrous, but my dreams do not hold a candle to yours.