Monday, February 14, 2011

Romancing the Senses

I come to you with hearts and kisses...not just because I love you, my friends... but because I want to romance you.

One of my favourite authors, Sarah Ban Breathnach writes that love is the emotion. Romance is the evocative expression. Hmm..I love that.

A loving partner is not needed in my life to feel that my days are filled with romance. Little whims of it infiltrate my senses as the hours pass...

I see it in the sun rising over the ocean from my bedroom window, coaxing me away from my pillows, promising a day of new and unforeseen becomings.

I taste it in the cinnamon sprinkled generously upon my morning chai.

It sounds like the beautiful silence within my walls, and outside my open window.... and then the humorous break in that silence as I listen to the creaks and gurgles that come from my bunny's tummy as he drinks from his water bowl.

I smell it in the rain....the moist coastal air reaches deep within my lungs and fills them with dripping cloud.

I feel it in the calming presence of a smooth round stone in my pocket.... a simple object that keeps me grounded and present.

And speaking of stones, I sense it in the uncanny way I keep finding perfectly heart shaped stones amongst thousands of other surrounding stones, the same size and colour. I refuse to believe that this is a coincidence.

These are just fragments of one simple ordinary day. And how romantic it is, if I stay open to it.
But this special day will soon be charmed by the sinking of my teeth into a sweet and sugary cupcake, and perhaps a walk by the seashore...and a tossing of that smooth stone back into the waters where it first resided. It will be replaced by another. And then another...

And when this day begins to close its eyes forever, I will take pleasure in one last bout of romance.... the soft letting go... the abandonment of wakefulness as I fall into dream, trusting my bed to keep me warm and safe as I adventure into the night. Romance does not die with the fading day. The moon can be just as flirtatious.


  1. So many pretty hearts here today!
    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day Jaime!
    xo Catherine

  2. Wow. Your words speak to the corners of my heart, Jaime. You took the senses idea and transformed it into something so lyrically beautiful. The photos are always pretty but it's how your transfer your heartfelt emotions onto the page that I'm in awe of. Perfect post. xoxox

  3. What a beautiful post. Happy Valentines Day.

  4. Happy "Romance" Day Rhayne. You are so very very talented. The photos are wonderfully simple and expressive and your words thoughtful and profound.

  5. you are so right jamie...
    love is everywhere....
    at least you know that and see it and appreciate it....some people have to work harder at what should come so naturally....

    i feel blessed i was born with what you described...

    thank you for your beautiful words today....happy "i love your heart" day to you.......

  6. Love the words tumbling out of your heart. Love the photos, so soft & delicate... the hint of red on the silver hearts... so lovely.

    happy heart day ♥

  7. and I feel it in your words... you have truly romanced me...



  8. i love this reminder that though we may not have any other partner but ourselves, that we can still treat ourselves beautifully and kindly.

    so beautiful

  9. Wow! Lovely sentiments. Beautiful photos. Wonderfully talented. :)

  10. these are so pretty. i love my visits here :)

  11. I made some cupcakes too....and today.... the day after and who cares?... I am going to ice them. I'm sure they won't know it is the day after... and I want pink icing!

  12. Mmmmm. I could read this over and over and just sink into it.

    Love is everywhere. Now I will remember that romance is everywhere too.

  13. Thank you for your comment about my chocolates. They were lots of fun to shoot! :D It is so true that the romance of everyday can be found anywhere, we all just need to open our hearts to it :)

    "Romance does not die with the fading day. The moon can be just as flirtatious."

    I love that! :D

    I hope that you had a wonderful valentines day! :)

  14. so in love with everything in this post!

    i saw some vintage heart-shaped cookie cutters at the antique store recently. i could kick myself for not purchasing them!

    golly, i love your space... always.

  15. Oh..this is such a lovely and heartfelt and beautiful musing on romance and love. The images are divine!

  16. It's past Valentine's Day, but I am still sending you loving wishes. And, I wanted to thank you for reminding me of the importance of romancing my life. Not just my love, but our lives together. Thank you.

  17. I love the light coming through on these photographes AND the light shinning through your words...after recently having a break up I am struggling...but your words are truly a salve to the soul...a reminder to first love all that is inside of appreciate the beauty in the now. Everything else will soon...find its way right again.

  18. I love your beautiful post, Jaime!! Not only are your photos beautiful but the words you've shared are too. Your Valentine's sounds so very romantic! xo

    ps - Sarah Ban Breathnach is one of my favourite authors too.

    pps - I owe you an email ... it's coming! :)

  19. Oh yes, you totally romanced me with this post. Gorgeous photos and food for thought. Your writing is sublime...I agree the moon can be such a flirt. ;)

  20. i love this post. i love how you find romance in all that is around you.

  21. This is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. What a joy to come back to your blog after so long--every word, every photo is breathtaking and profound. I have missed you, dear friend.