Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Woes are Fleeting

For those of you who are winter weary ... who's knees are deep in snow and who's heavy hearts are yearning for the hope of spring, I went to find you some today. Not to worry.... little buds are opening, there are slight floral fragrances in the fresh January air, and hearts are finding their subtle way into my field of vision. Little messengers of hope, they are. They tell me that this long stretch of cold and dark is passing through, and behind it lies a wash of pastel hues and tender breezes. Each day, the sun becomes a little more hesitant to leave. It won't be long before we can feel her warmth on our skin once again.


  1. It must be amazing to live in a place where tiny sprigs of beauty are blooming already. The winter has barely begun her icy reign here and it makes my heart heavy. I suffer from SAD so these photos bring light into my darkness. My favorite is the one of the rocks trapped between the wood...sooo beautiful.
    Thanks for this gorgeous post, Jaime. xoxo

  2. you fill me with such hope. hope and beauty.

  3. Jaime... these are so beautiful... truly I need to flee the cold wasteland of Saskatchewan and head out West to were you live friend.

    Thank you for sharing your spring dearest Jaime!
    xo Catherine

  4. thank you for these....

    i'll look at them much more closely and regularly once i get back to wisconsin and those winter blues attack me.

    right now, i'm so content being here in florida....

  5. It's -20 here today and it keeps snowing. I love this little bit of spring you've shared. Thank you, Jaime!! xo

  6. Here the spring with fallen leaves are trapped beneath the snow,
    the sun remains but warmth refrains,
    beaten by the cold.

    The buds sustained,
    the willows wain,
    beneath the weight of winter's coat.

    Fields are plain,
    backs are strained
    and spring is still unknown.

    Fall's gold and amber petticoat,
    a memory aloof,
    icicles so silently,
    cascade from my roof.

    When spring does shine,
    when green aligns,
    and warmer days well known,
    we all come out,
    the sun it shouts,
    heating up our homes.

  7. I love every single shot in this series!

  8. these are stunning - really stunning. i thought about this last week as i saw the buds on the bradford pears beginning to shape. time is so fleeting

  9. i ♥ this collection of pretty pastels :)

  10. i LOVE this set. you are you teasing us with this pretty pastel spring collection.

  11. What beautiful images, the perfect monday morning pick me up.

  12. {sigh} these did my winter weary heart good.

    thanks, jaime!

  13. Oh, dear heart, I have missed you so much. I owe you a chatty email and it will come soon, I promise. But, how lovely to come here and find hearts and happiness and plenty of pink. I do love you, my friend.

  14. While I'm a winter person through and through, even the snow we've been having is beginning to wear on me. The other day while in the supermarket I passed a beautiful and colorful bouquet of flowers I simply had to have. If nothing else than to bring some bright, alive color into what has been since Christmas a basically monochromatic pallete. While not looking forward to the heat and humidity that will eventually follow spring, thanks so much for these gorgeous photos Jaime.

  15. This is so filled with hope and for the coming of warm spring! Beautiful!!!

  16. i am not knee deep in snow and it will be in the high 50s today, but this last part of january has been hard - i am laying low, building up some words.

    thank you for these images. they are incredible; the heart rock came this close to making me cry.


  17. That first photo made my heart stop. The heart rock made me gasp. And every other photo a huge sigh from the depths of my heart. Thank you so much for this. I really needed it.

  18. Jaime, amazing composition of photos and writing!

  19. what a gorgeous set of images. and yes, those winter blues...bad this year. thank you for the boost.

  20. How on earth did I miss this post??? It does bring me hope and makes my heart sing. Gorgeous! xo

  21. I noticed buds on the trees yesterday and smiled. Today, the sun came out.

    These photos make my heart sing happily.

  22. Rhayne, I cannot tell how much my daughter and I stared at your lovely photos yesterday. I am so impressed with your photography and have no idea how to achieve such beauty. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I have one of those new Sony NEX cameras that came out last year. I just love it but cannot seem to take such gorgeous close ups like this. I also have limited editing capabilities but am due to buy a new Mac this year. I'm just starting to practice more and more and it is so difficult to get photos that I really like. Have a wonderful day and we are so happy to have found your blog.