Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beach Assignment

I had a serious craving today for taking pictures. It didn't look promising. The wind was howling, the rain was unrelenting and the dark sky made the morning look as though dusk had fallen. But, I walked with a friend and her little girl in the rain and took my camera just in case.

As I was driving home, this beautiful rainbow was directly overhead. It was though the universe was trying to tell me don't give up just yet...the day is still ripe for pictures. I stopped my car immediately so I could catch this rainbow, and then decided to take a spontaneous visit to the beach. Hope was restored.

I was telling a flickr friend a month or so ago, that there is a beach about 5 minutes down the hill from where I live, and even though it's so close, I never go there. I go to many other oceanside haunts, but for some reason, I neglect this particular beach. Well, she told me that was my next assignment.

So Kiersten, these pictures are for you...

Doesn't that orange kelp look like a tree? I found them strewn all over the beach. Well, there was an extreme high tide this afternoon, so there wasn't much of a beach, but I did my best.

On the way back up to the road, I walked along a stone wall covered in moss and lichen. I was awed by what I discovered through my macro lens. I am so glad the weather turned around today!

Assignment.... complete.
Craving....satisfied. For now.


  1. Love. Love love LOVE! I'm so grateful that the universe encouraged you to not give go in search of beach magic. The kelp really does look like little trees, uprooted from their ocean home.
    They are all so incredibly beautiful and it actually made me a little teary (yeah, I'm a dork, so what?) knowing that such beauty was dedicated to me!
    Thank you for making me smile, Jaime! xoxox

  2. i love your beach and would go there daily if i lived that close :)

    it's much better than my beach....i like stuff and my beach is "stuff-less"

    your photos make me want to see all of that up close and personal myself.

    i think this summer, i must visit my sister in maine and get my fix.

  3. Your beach looks beautiful Jaime ~ I am thinking you will go there every now and then again. Your photos are amazing ~ as always.

    Hope you are having a wonderful January dear friend!
    xo Catherine

  4. Beautiful photos, I'm so jealous that you live close to a beach. I miss it.

  5. beautiful beautiful and more beautiful

  6. Stunning beach images. Such exquisite beauty in these details!

  7. I am awed by what I see through your macro lens too! I suspect the beach is immensely glad you visited and photographed it.

    By the way, I just discovered that you can take a 90 minute ferry ride from the Olympic Peninsula to Victoria. I am so determined to do this, if only I can convince my sister to get a passport before she visits this spring.

  8. *gasp* How could you neglect this beach? ;) Gorgeous photos. I love the stones! I love the soft processing...very quiet. Aren't you glad you went? Always such a surprise when you go some place that you don't really expect to take photos...and then magic just happens.

    Yes, craving is satisfied...for now ;)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And now it's time for a confession. There is a beach a five-minute walk down my street, and I almost never visit it! I go to plenty of other beaches in the area, but rarely that one. Hmmmmm . . . I wonder why. So now I am giving myself the assignment. I will visit my neighborhood beach this week! As always, you have inspired me.

    xo Gigi

  10. These images fill my heart with beauty...



  11. Fabulous, gorgeous photos! (As always.) I'm so glad you explored that beach at last. It is absolutely magical, and I love that red kelp. =) I love that you went out in the dark and the rain and were rewarded with such beauty and discovery. The world is such a marvelous place when we allow such things to happen.

  12. fantastic images. what a day it turned out to be - filled with natural wonders all around.

  13. I am not a big beach person, but wow! your beach is beautiful! :)It is so funny how the days that look the worst to us for taking pictures tend to give us some of the BEST pictures :)

  14. my goodness you can make anything look beautiful! your heart is like a lightening rod for pretty. it finds details that leave me wondering if i have been blind all this time. rocks and more rocks like the delicate little eggs of mythical birds that wear feathers of peacock blue.
    XO i love these!

  15. Love every one of these, Jaime! That rainbow is fabulous and the beach photos ... *sigh* ... gorgeous. xo

  16. will you come decorate my house? these colors are perfect and i will do the painting, if you just bring your soul full of loveliness. my god. gorgeous.


  17. You have a beach five minutes away? Really? REALLY!?!?!?!? I am so envious. We really have GOT to move. The only thing we have five minutes away is cows.

    Lovely, lovely pictures my friend.