Sunday, June 6, 2010

To Be a Grasshopper

I've been a tree hugger since an early age. My backyard was a forest of pine... old stumps became kitchen sinks, chunks of moss made a velvety carpet under my toes, and blankets and dolls were dragged across the crumbly forest floor as I set up house amongst the towering turrets.

If I wasn't in the trees, I was edging the pond, capturing tadpoles to bring home as pets, anxious to see if tiny legs would sprout and fish would turn to frog.

Oh, and the caterpillars and ladybugs. How I adored these creatures...feeling so protective as I gave them new jar homes and fed them grass and clover...even if the caterpillars never morphed into butterflies before I set them free and the ladybugs eventually flew away...I enjoyed their short stay, and hoped that they appreciated my hospitality.

How comforting it is to know that even now, as a big kid, I can still plant myself in the middle of a meadow and be consumed with my simple surroundings for an hour or more and not realise how much time has passed. My toys might be more expensive, as camera lenses and tripods have replaced Cabbage Patch dolls and plastic dishes. But the time spend in nature, the fueling of the imagination, and the simple bliss of an uncomplicated afternoon makes me feel like a child again.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. The joy and pleasure of simply getting lost in nature's smallest of discoveries. Such a perfect way to pass a day!!!

  2. Yes! Wow, I was just writing about being in a meadow over at my blog not five minutes ago. As usual, we are on the same wavelength, Jaime. Thanks for this beautiful post. Your photos are as gorgeous as ever, as are your words. xoxo Gigi

  3. this is beautiful......
    did you ever catch enough lightning {or is it lightening} bugs to fill a jar and then take them into your bedroom to use a nightlight ?

    oh childhood memories are good.....but only if you remember them :)

    and you made me laugh with your what your camera and tripod have too !

  4. sheesh...i haven't even had a drink yet....let's fix a few things......

    "to use AS a nightlight "


    "with what your camera"

    dyslexia i guess.......

  5. I know this well. The then and the now.

    I remember catching crickets in a glass jar one afternoon years ago. I also remember that they got out through the air holes in the jar's lid - after they were brought inside. Let's just say that my mother was not happy. ;)

  6. i spent a few hours recently in the empty lot next to us among thousands of white dandelions with little lady bugs crawling on me. i felt like a little girl again. so i totally understand.

    and of course, i had my camera with me. i love the connection you made between our childhood toys and our big girl toys. may we never stop playing!

    good to see you, kid!
    : )

  7. Isn't it wonderful to be able to sit in the middle of nature. Sadly, living in Southern Saskatchewan, my forests and meadows are few and far between. And somehow, sitting in the middle of a cow pasture just doesn't give you the same sense of nature and beauty... know what I mean? LOL!

    xo Catherine

  8. I just came from Gigi's 2 were really thinking alike and thinking well.

  9. Nature has a way of making it all better, doesnt it????

  10. Thanks for the reminder of simple pleasures. My camera is also now my toy of choice.

  11. Oh, Jaime. You make me think of all the childhood pursuits that I still enjoy.

    * swinging * dancing around the kitchen * lying on my back in the grass under a tree watching the leaves dance * cloud watching from a hammock or out the back window of the car * catching fireflies and gently letting them go * hiking * playing in sprinklers * jumping on a trampoline * whistling *

    Happy weekend, my friend.

  12. Sounds as though you had a wonderful childhood. I grew up in the concrete jungle of LA county, where you barely knew your neighbor. We did have friends that had a mini orchard in their backyard and a cow or two, plus a couple of horses, and a swimming pool, so my childhood wasn't all bad. ;)

  13. You are amazing sister. Love the first piece most. Really brilliant