Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Open Window

There is an old abandoned shed near my house that I have been watching for quite some time now. I noticed that the house on the property seemed to be vacant, and one day as I was passing by, I saw a man doing some work on an old car there. I approached him and asked if I could come and take some pictures of the crumbling shed. He told me to come soon because the house and surrounding structures were about to be demolished to make way for a new subdivision. The elderly couple that had lived in the house recently passed away, and he was there to take care of the remaining odds and ends.

So I waited some more. I'm not sure why. I think that even though I received a warm welcome to enter the property, some part of me still felt as though I was trespassing. And each day, as I passed by, I felt as though I was going to lose something if I didn't get in there. So, on an overcast afternoon, shyly aware that the neighbours might be eyeing me suspiciously, I gathered up my gear and my courage and went in.

This place was nothing short of fascinating. The roof has completely caved in on one side, and as I peered through the open window, I could see piles of wood and old junk, shelves with old canning jars, and one lonely light bulb hanging from a wire in the center. I wonder what it was used for? I suspect this elderly couple had grandchildren, as there was a rocking horse painted on one outside wall. Maybe the jars were placed there by a little girl playing house, once upon a time.

My favourite though, was the outside. The weathered walls were covered in green....moss and ivy. The paint was peeling and wearing away. And the window...oh, I gasped when I saw the window. It too was blanketed in green, with mossy cobwebs and the most beautiful rusty spiral latch.

I think a lot of love went into creating this place some time ago. And over the years, sadly, it could not be taken care of. A reminder to me that nothing is permanent. That change comes in with the wind, whether we like it or not. And although I am someone who struggles with change, this little shed with its whimsical window latches inspired me to make a change to my blog. And that is why I used it for my header. A window, open and accepting of the natural laws of change and renewal.

And it isn't just the look of my blog that is evolving. My new website is now online. Take a visit and be sure to check out the *paws and whiskers* gallery. I discovered a new love for taking pictures of people's pets!
The look of The Four is also transforming into something beautiful and new. We have moved away from the square picture format, so that we can be more free to express ourselves creatively in other ways. This past post was breathtaking.

I will be sad when they tear down that old shed and build some generic cookie cutter houses in that beautiful space. But I am so glad I wandered in, and was able to absorb a bit of the story of that place before it is lost forever. It was loved in its time. And I will always love the images I captured on that wistful melancholy day.


  1. how lucky are you to have been welcomed onto this property and how lucky are we that you photographed the beauty of it to share with us....

    so many stories behind all this of the many reasons i love the abandoned buildings that reach out to us....

    and the new look of your blog.....divine !
    i love it....clean and crisp and just so soothing....

  2. oh yes...such beauty and i love your thoughts and stories behind all of this. and i dream of the lovely jars and bottles. since i'm a sucker for old glass.

    i will definitely go check out the new blog. congratulations!

  3. Wow! Changes all over the place and I love it.

    You have such timing. I am reading The Thirteenth Tale with all it's crumbling, change, etc. So many stories there and so many here - the bulb hanging from a wire, the painted rocking horse - so many.

    So. Change. Changes. Changing. :) I am on way to peek into your other universe.


  4. I've looked - Dear God, but you are an incredible photographer. Amazing! And so young!!!!!! :)

  5. Your website is Devine Jaime!!! You are an amazing photographer. I wish I had a pinch of your skill talent~

    How I love this story of the old place... and kind of sad in a way... so glad you got to shoot it before its gone.

  6. Very, very cool!! I love and miss the mossy weatheredness of the west coast! True gems of photos!

  7. what a beautifully sweet find...

  8. Beautiful. I love how those old places have such character and suggest so many stories.

    (Also, great use of the window latch as blog header; inviting people into worlds within worlds.)

  9. Oh, what a lovely post! And I *love* the new look!


  10. Oh Relyn, I too love old houses and peeling paint! Thank you so much for venturing in to take some pictures of what was once someone's home and taking your readers along. The story makes the photos that much more real. I envy you, only in a good way, the opportunity to take these photos. You are indeed a "kindred spirit". It's so nice to know I am not alone.

  11. oh wow what a incredible place. so glad you ventured in and shared it with us. my daughter and I love to search out places like that. they can be so fascinating.
    love the changes i'm seeing here on your blog and can't wait to check out your others. your banner photo is outstanding in it's textures and color.

    btw, thanks for the visits you paid our blog. : )

  12. Absolutely breathtaking. This is exactly the sort of place that I, too, love to discover and so rarely get to explore. You are so blessed to have had that opportunity. I love your new blog banner--it is stunning--and I love that it came from such a magical place.

  13. It is beautiful, all your photographs are. I loved the pets gallery.

  14. Now that is a gorgeous new banner. In fact, the entire blog looks great. OK, now I am going back to read your words. I just had to rush over here and tell you that.

  15. Oh, Jaime. I love how you turn inspiration into action. You don't sit around, you don't wait. You act. I love that about you.

  16. Your site is incredible. My favorite image - so far is the fairy tale girl in the forest. Oh my! And the music, I really love the music. What is the second song that is playing? The one after the Enya-ish one? Number two under bigger ones looks like Prince William a little, doesn't he? I love your logo, too. Oh, Jaime... You did such a marvelous job! You must be so proud.

  17. Hello dearest Jaime!

    Oh the greens in these photos ~ I love them! Your new header is simply fantastic ~ inspirational ~ oh so enjoyable.

    Don't you wish you could hear this lovely house talk to you and tell you of it's life? I hope it was full of love as that is what you have captured in the photos. So beautiful.

    Hope you are keeping well ~ your photography website is looking so wonderful ~ love the paws and whiskers gallery! :)

    I popped over to The Four ~ looks like it will be another favourite.

    Thank you for all the inspiration friend!
    xo Catherine

  18. What wonderful metaphors - windows and doors..and change and growth and letting in the new and out the old. Love your new blog re-design..and your website is wonderful. Looks like a foliolink site??
    Excellent..and wishing you all the best in this new creative venture!!!

  19. Your new photography website is so beautiful Jaime :-)

  20. I came here and immediately said to myself that Jaime has updated her blogs appearance in my long absence and as I'm reading your post I realize how recent the change is. I love it! Your website looks fabulous, too.

    I love old abandoned buildings, too, and I'm always hesitant to trespass to take photographs. Thankfully I had company last time, so that made it much easier. I love the images you created from your day - they are wonderful.

  21. i love the new site. you are incredibly talented.

  22. I stopped here today because I have been missing you terribly. I look upon the picture you sent me, the one of you alone on the beach and I long to run there...
    Run with reckless abandon as the wind blows through my hair, and footprints are left in my wake but for only a moments time.
    Run leaving my scarf lapping at the waters edge, as tasting the salt upon my lips I wonder if it is the sea upon the wind or tears of joy and anticipation that run down upon my cheeks.
    In my heart... I miss you so.

    I have moved, yet feel as if I am standing still.
    And so much time has past... but somehow the days are all the same.
    It's been one long year that my words have gone unrecorded except for the ones that fill my head.
    And I miss most of all, sharing this all with you.

    This post is so beautiful, but you are more beautiful still.
    I miss you.