Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Language of Colour

It was sort of sticking out of the ground at a weird angle, this crooked old tap. It was in a neglected part of a large garden. And that colour took hold of my attention far more than any surrounding flora or fauna. How odd that a chunk of metal could have that kind of power... nature almost always gets my heart above all other things.

I saw a picture of an artist's studio, whose walls were this shade of blue. Actually, the walls and ceiling were mostly glass... but between the small panes and on the back wall, this colour illuminated the whole room with whimsy and playfulness. How it must stir and delight an artist's imagination, to be surrounded on all sides by such a delicious hue.

I want to take a bite out of that blue. Lick it like a frozen popsicle. Swim in it.

If only I lived in a space that could support this kind of brilliance without it being overwhelming. I did paint this weekend. And there's no question this little tap played a roll in inspiring me to choose some new wall colours. I am now fully enveloped in the soft breath of powder blue and the slightest suggestion of muted green that shifts with the evolving light of day. The walls really do seem like they are breathing. So very gentle and soothing. These subtle tones speak a language my soul understands and responds to in the quietest of ways. No doubt, colour has a deep effect on our psyches.

My indoor spaces have come to life, glowing from the inside out, synching beautifully with the emergence of spring. Everything feels fresh and new again.


  1. That is a refreshing blue on that old tap. Very cool Jaime! Wishing you a most wonderful week my friend!
    xo Catherine

  2. This is such a stunning photograph Jaimie! I've missed your pictures and words but know how necessary a break and some quiet time can be. I've also been mostly absent for awhile now...waiting for the muse to regroup and reappear!

    (A few walls in my home fell victim to my passion for turquoise over the past was a bit shocking to see at first but I've come to know that it makes me feel really, really happy to live with this colour.)

  3. I'm sipping tea catching up on blogs this morning : ) The colors of the caribbean sea are my fav and a few years ago I finally found a soft enough version to paint in each house I've remodeled since finding it. It's called Palladian Blue, a Benjamin Moore historical color

    The Kinfolk magazine reminds me of you ~ have you submitted to them, you're a perfect fit : )

    Happy Spring

  4. My daughter loves that color blue. She painted her room in this house a shade of that. Just a little bit lighter. So true, the color just envelops me when I walk into her room. Christine is you know Kinfolk magazine? I actually don't have any of their completed magazines but the snippets I've seen are parallel to your gorgeous photography.

  5. oh my! i love, love, love this image. love it. love that this blue inspired you, love that you understood its language.


  6. Our big summer project is our walls. We're taking down all the art, patching holes, washing walls. And then repainting the entire house.

    And we're not changing a single color. I love my colors. I have blue and green and pink and each one of them are to whispers away from white. So lovely. They breathe, too.

  7. I love it when color or something we see inspires us. You've reminded me that I need to finish painting our laundry room. Gorgeous image, I feel like I could get lost in it.