Monday, January 23, 2012

I am a Storm Chaser at Heart

Winter finally arrived. It was like a thick and pillowy duvet blew off the clothesline and settled right over the island. But it only lasted 2 days before torrential rains washed away any evidence of white and left everything green again. Which is just about perfect. I love being snow stranded... it provides automatic permission to do nothing but cozy up with a blanket, hot tea and a good read. I love those kinds of days. And because they come so rarely in this little part of the world, it makes them even more delicious.

And just when we thought everything was returning to normal, the winds came today. Powerful 110 km/hr gusts that knocked down trees (I grieve for those that fall) and power lines (including mine) and made the ocean roar with rage. It was quite spectacular. In the eleven years I have lived here, I don't think I have ever seen winds that strong.

So I am wondering... what is coming next? Some pretty lightning? That would be nice. We don't get nearly enough thunder and lightning here.

I LOVE storms. It doesn't matter what kind. I love them even better than sun-in-your-eyes days. Better than hazy blue skies. Better than unrippled waters and swayless trees. They shake up the ordinary. They make our eyes grow wide and our hearts beat stronger. They wake up the spirit and make us feel oh so very small.

I will be scanning the skies for the next thrill ride.


  1. Me too :-)

    Enjoy your wild hour.

  2. There's something powerful about a good storm . . . . here's to whatever comes next.

  3. Me? Storms are scaring me this year. Teenager driving. Already one snow fender-bender and today? Called from the middle of a busy highway intersection "Mom! I'm stuck in the intersection! My car just died!" Little brother on board as well. Oy! My nerves!

    As far as the beauty? Yes. Lovely winter storms.

    As far as thankfulness? Yes. Thankful no one was hurt. Thankful we don't live down south where the tornadoes struck last night.

    When I start to worry as the next storm builds, I will come here and visit this lovely post and think of the beauty mother nature provides! Will give me respite from my mommy nerves!

  4. So, so similar over here. We squeal when the forecast calls for a high % of today! We love long school days listening to rain pouring, followed by an engaging documentary or choice from Netflix. Currently in the middle of "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens...perfect watch for stormy days.

  5. did go out and get some great white shots right? ... I hope so.... seeing as you guys don't get any of the white stuff often. I couldn't believe it when I saw 10 inches for Victoria...yikes...that would bring things to a standstill out there!
    I was in Oak Bay one time where huge old oaks were uprooted and boats and huge boulders ended up on lawns many yards from the marina... would have been '98 or prior to that when my Mom still lived there ... 100+ kph winds... it was a mess. Very sad to see the old trees uprooted and lying on their sides...or on houses...

  6. Oh Jamie I love this post!! I, too, am a storm chaser! During the summer I love to stand out on our deck, and watch a storm move into our area. I love to stand amidt the ultimate calm and wait for the wind to magically appear to whack all the trees and bushes as if to say, "Wake up all you sleepyheads!" Usually storms around my neck of the woods are itinerant and move through quickly. I especially like watching lightning fork across the sky at night. Now if I could only get some decent photos of them!! Beautiful, beautiful post!! It reminds us to take time to smell the flowers or watch Mother Nature at her best.

  7. i'm with you - the safety i feel when the world is raging outside - makes no sense, but 'tis true. your storms sound so much lovelier, though - the roar of the ocean must be fabulous.


  8. Me too - I love all sorts of 'weather'. And your snow days look absolutely magical captured thru your camera's lens!

  9. Let's are wishing for some more 'it's too cold outside so I will stay in the house, drink tea, cozy under a blanket and read' kind of days and I am tired of winter. Well you know what the solution is don't you? Let us trade houses for a little while. I will live there, you can live here. At least until April.... deal? ;)

    Beautiful images as always Jaime!

    xo Catherine

  10. We don't get nearly enough thunder and lightning here. Mostly, none. I miss the lightning in the Twin Cities. I used to drive from Minneapolis to Rochester (an hour or so drive) on Sunday evening with my eyes glued to the sky through my windshield, watching sheets of lightning crackle across the sky. Oh. It makes me happy just to remember that.

  11. I never thought about storms like that... But that's an interesting point of view... I guess a storm can bring renewal, and that is good most of the times...

  12. Oh. Oh, me too. ME TOO!! I adore weather. LOVE IT! The "worse", more extreme the better. If I didn't have a child, I would likely be a real storm chaser. Wind is my favorite thing on Earth.