Thursday, September 1, 2011


We went to see my brother and his family.... my mom and I. It's becoming a bit of a yearly tradition, this road trip. This summer there was the sweet, delicious charm of my two year old niece Sarai. And her new baby sister Ivy. Little Ivy.... what a beautiful creature she is.

We ate berries and other goodies from the garden. We devoured fresh peach pie. We lingered the afternoons away in hammocks and wished upon fleeting comets as we slept under the stars. We drew on the sidewalk and made friends with imaginary dragons. I held sleeping Ivy in my arms and wrapped myself in the absolute perfection of her soft scent, quiet breath, her peacefulness.

Everything was beautiful.
I'm so glad in that brief space of time I didn't know what was to come. It was three days of ignorant bliss.  I took for granted how good things really were. Or did I? I remember being very acutely aware of how precious this time spent with my family was. How I would always remember exactly how Ivy felt as she slept in my arms, how I would laugh later at the funny things Sarai said. But despite my gratitude, I didn't realise then how fragile life can be, and how quickly things can change.

A couple of weeks later, the world would turn upside down. Last Friday, to be exact... we found out that our little Ivy had a tumour on her kidney. A very large and aggressive tumour. How does this happen? How does a mass the size of a grapefruit grow inside a tiny perfect brand new 7 week old body?

It has been a week of little sleep, agonizing waits... for scans, and test results... and today there was surgery.

And I have to say, after so much angst and worry, I feel as though I am floating off my chair as I type this. Those incredible doctors (magic-makers, really) were able to remove the entire tumour today, along with her kidney... but it was completely contained and hadn't spread to her other organs.


We still need to wait for test results to see what kind of tumour it is and what steps will need to be taken next...

But. She's ok. She's going to be ok. And the world is slowing turning right side up again. And those beautiful stars will continue to shine. Any wishes I have now have already been fulfilled. What a generous universe.

I think Sarai has it all figured out. She celebrates life every day. You should see this girl dance....

Please go here if you would like to see more pictures of my two favourite sweet peas. :)


  1. I am so happy and thankful to hear that this sweet, beautiful baby girl has received the care she needed so quickly and is now healing. I can't imagine what you and your family have been enduring. I will be sending her prayers and healing love.

    Both of your neices are so lovely and you've captured their essence perfectly.

    I send love and hugs to you too, dear Jaime.

  2. what a terrible time for your family. but thank god for magic makers. sending prayers and warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. I looked at your pictures with a smile on my face and happiness at the beauty of your subjects. Then I read your words and my heart grew heavy. You have expressed yourself so eloquently and clearly. Poor little Ivy. So much to go through. I am so happy to hear that the results so far look grand. I will pray that the final results are just as positive. Hugs and healing to baby Ivy and all whose hearts she holds.

  4. Sitting here crying . . . how scared the whole family must have been to go through something like this. So glad they were able to remove the tumor and hoping that she has a speedy recovery. Big hugs to everyone. x

  5. Thinking of you all and sending my best. What a shock, and how great that they've been able to remove it all!


  6. oh jaime....
    as i read along and looked at the pictures, i knew you were going to share some news with us.

    let's all of us, throw a fistful of prayers in the air to be caught by your family, as you can never have too many.

    life is fragile and you all saw it first heart goes out to all of you.

    thank god little ivy is a fighter and made it through this ordeal.....

    we'll be thinking of all of you as the days goes on....

  7. It is so true that we do not rejoice in the little bits of bliss and how quickly life can turn on us. I'm so happy sweet babe is going to be ok. It sounds like there is lots of love in your family which always helps. Sending you big hugs Jaime! xo Catherine

  8. Prayers and good vibes for Ivy. It will all be well.

  9. Hi Jaime, wonderful pics, as always
    ... And healing vibes from Germany to little Ivy...

  10. I knew when I saw the title "Bittersweet" and saw those angelic faces that something was amiss. I just held my breath and read the rest. Amazing that doctors can fearlessly save the lives of such wee ones. Your sister and BIL must be beside themselves with so many emotions. Will be waiting and hoping for the continued improvement of your little Ivy so she can grow strong and enjoy all that life has to offer.

  11. Life can be so unfair. So glad to hear that little Ivy is doing alright at the moment. And - yes - these little children can be our greatest teachers. Love seeing her dance!!

  12. Through tears I send you a hug Jaime.... life can be so cruel sometimes.......

  13. i have put ivy on my prayer list. you and your family are in my heart. ivy is strong, she will surprise us all.

  14. Oh Jaime! I'm so sorry your precious little Ivy had to go through this! But oh so glad the tumour was removed. Loved watching Sarai dance ... so precious! xo

  15. how I love your photo of Ivy and her Dad....... just can keep looking at it over and sweet......

  16. so thankful to hear in the end the positive news about precious little Ivy. Hope she continues to grow strong and healthy.
    oh that little girl dance is perfection.