Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autumn Swap

I came home yesterday evening to find a package waiting for me. Don't you love it when you receive packages in the mail? Especially when you are anticipating their arrival? Sweet Relyn is hosting an autumn swap and she paired me with a lovely new friend Diane, who is currently living in Germany. I opened up the box and found many goodies inside.

She included a thoughtful card with such kind words. I discovered that she had been to my city a few years ago....if only I had known her then! In fact, the very first post I saw when I visited Relyn for the first time, years ago, it was a post about her visit to Victoria. What beautiful synchronicity. Once again, if only..... Maybe, if I am lucky, they might return one day.

Inside the box I found a jar of homemade applesauce. How tempting it was, to go grab a spoon and indulge right then and there. But no...I will save it for a special dish. It is not every day I get such a wonderful homemade gift. But I have to say, I did nibble at a few pieces of this divine rich dark chocolate that I found nestled in next to the applesauce. As soon as I took this picture, a few squares quickly disappeared.

And the book she sent....I love the worn feel of this book. It feels as though it has been loved before it reached my hands. It contains a collection of essays about books. Well, I absolutely LOVE books. I vow to never own one of those digital readers. I love the feel of them in my hands, I love to turn the pages, I could (and do) wander bookstores for as long as they continue to make real books, I will always stay loyal to the real thing. This book was written by a woman who "once found herself poring over a 1974 Toyota  Corolla manual because it was the only written material in her apartment that she had not read at least twice." This is a woman who loves to will be interesting to glimpse into her insights.

At the very bottom of the box were two gorgeous magazines. I poured through the pages, soaking up all the beautiful eye candy. These were some of my favourite images. Could I please have a rustic table and chairs next to a glass door like that? Could it open to a lush garden? With adorable little bird houses like these his and her's? I have been collecting images like this for a while now, as I try to uncover what inspires me, what my tastes are...they are ever changing, but I am learning more and more about myself as I go through this process. Lately, I have fallen in love with all shades of white. I dream to have a house of my own one day...a place I can lovingly create, make my own. But for now, I will use these inspirations I find as steps on the journey toward my dreams.

And that was not all that was in the box. I found some adorable little things to hang on my doors. There was a cute little mushroom made of fall leaves, an autumn wooden hanging that sounds like rain when the leaves collide with each other, and this little welcome hanging...Diane, how did you know it would go so well with the colours of my front door? So intuitive you are. ;)

This swap was great fun. And meeting someone new is always a gift. Thank you so much Relyn, for being such a caring and dedicated host, and thank you Diane for the lovely treasures you sent me from across the big blue sea. One day I would so love to see your corner of the planet. Germany has many charms.....and so do you!


  1. wow - she DID match your door - how perfect! and i am impressed with your self control. that chocolate looks pretty yummy! what a wonderful treat this was to find, for you, and for me to read about.


  2. a box filled with love is truly the best gift....

    and those magazines !....SWOON !!!

    i've been ripping favorite pages out of my magazines and filling a binder full of what i consider home love inspiration...

    and then i drool.

    hugs to you....

  3. What fun! A lovely assortment of gifts. I am loving the his/hers bird house. Too cute!

  4. What a great idea!! Love the whole concept of this swap. Terrific..and such fun!!!

  5. hello friend.
    what a love filled package.

    and those magazines. i wish i could curl up with you and page through them. : )

  6. How fun to receive such wonderful gifts in the mail ~ of course ~ anything is better than bills! :)

    xo Catherine

  7. It's always so nice to receive gifts in the mail and these are indeed lovely! Those magazines look beautiful!

  8. Jaime, you are too kind. I am so delighted that you are happy with your little package! Wouldn't it be lovely if we could meet sometime, either in Victoria or here in Germany?

  9. so fun to hear about your box of goodies :-)

  10. what an amazing package.

    those magazines look fab!
    (can you tell us what they are?)