Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Love Bug Chronicles #1

Who says magical realism doesn’t exist? I think it does.
Why, just yesterday, during a seaside walk, I saw so many things...

It all began with a click- clack- rattle- tattle sound approaching as a little red sports car whizzed past. An old car...vintage. Two seater. Bride and Groom. A just married sign in the tiny back window, and a string of dented tin cans bouncing off the pavement like a chorus line of tap shoes.

I walked along, edging along the shoreline and as the traffic noise drifted away, I noticed that the ocean sounded like a distant fairground. Screams of excitement were reverberating from a whale-watching zodiac doing donuts way out in the open water. It must have felt like a carnival ride at sea!

I came upon a grassy slope where people were flying kites. It looked like a Norman Rockwell painting, except for one beautiful anomaly... Standing there was an old man, who looked like he came from an exotic land far far away. He was dressed in colorful robes and a pointed cap and held two long sticks in his hand, joined together by a long string. He dipped the string in a bucket of secret potion and slowly separated the sticks, which were actually more like magic wands. Out flowed the most spectacular gigantic bubble the size of an elephant! Everyone stopped and watched in amazement. A little girl holding a kite jumped up and down, pointing her tiny finger in the air. It floated and morphed into beautiful shapes and fanciful colours and I smiled as I went on my way.

I went down the hill and around the bend, closer to the water when I saw couple sitting on the beach. The man was pointing to the water as they watched a stray bubble, a smaller one (small being was about the size of a basketball) hovering over the water, drifting and floating, eventually succumbing to its fate in a tiny explosion. The man looked behind him, puzzled...his eyes scanning for the source of the magic. It was like it appeared out of thin air.

It was like everybody was at play yesterday.

Including little red love bugs....for this one believes in magical realism too. I'm certain this is not the last you will see of her. The world is a big place... and there is a lot of road to cover. Today was a drive in the fall countryside. Cool crisp air and golden pie crust surroundings.
Who knows where she will venture next...


  1. Don't you love those moments, where everything seems to sparkle with something magical? Especially when everyone seems to share in it with you. Wherever you look, there is something beautiful that holds you captive until the spell wears off.

  2. Everything - from your description of your beach the little red love bug - is an exercise in absolute magic. How wonderful!!!

  3. oh how i would have loved to have seen the bubble maker and his bubbles.

    isn't fall just filled with the most glorious of play dates...aren't we lucky to have them !!

  4. I love it ~ I think this sweet little ride is going to take us many places! :)

    xo Catherine

  5. If perhaps I had the chance to be someone and see through their eyes for a day, it would be hard for me to choose to see through anyone's but yours.

  6. love your words and your photo. great xx

  7. Your words are so magical and inviting. Can't wait to see where your magical red love bug takes us.

  8. I can't wait to see where the love bug travels next!

    That magic bubble maker sounds like such a sight. I am now dreaming of seeing a giant bubble someday. Or perhaps owning my own giant wand. (Can you imagine the fun!)

  9. hee hee, pure magic, love days like that thanks for sharing yours.

  10. I absolutely believe!!!

    wishing for a walk with you today!

    sending love.


  11. Oh wow. Just found you courtesy of Chris, and I'm so glad. Your photos are magic. I want to be just like you when I grow up! Beautiful.

  12. Hi, I'm making the rounds meeting the other sitting pretty participants. I love it here. The photo, your words, all of it!

  13. How perfect that you drive a love bug full of magic. I would expect no less of you.