Monday, July 12, 2010

Road Trippin

Nothing screams summer like a good road trip. My mom and I took one together...just us girls. We were on our way to visit my brother and his family, but we took some roads through the southern interior of B.C. that I have never seen before.

We visited small towns that looked so romantically picturesque, I wanted to move right into this seemingly simple lifestyle. Of course, I conveniently forgot how isolated these places are in the winter. We walked down streets, ice cream cones in hand as we admired character homes and funky shops. As we continued down the highway, we gasped as we saw three black bears in three different locations. We stopped next to bridges to take pictures of overflowing rivers running high with spring's mountain thaw. We visited friendly horses and gave them handfuls of grasses in exchange for a picture or two. We crossed a river on a cable ferry that looked as though it came from another time and place. The beauty of this landscape was breathtaking and inspiring. Powerful transformations can burst inside of you when you experience a place that is new to your eyes.

I loved spending this time with my mom. We have always been close, but there is something special about taking a road trip together. We were like Thelma and Louise without the crazy....on the road, feeling free from responsibility and regularity for a little while. We had so much time to talk and muse about where we are in this particular point in our lives. I felt as though I was given a gift....this uninterrupted time with a woman so dear to me. I am so deeply grateful for the connection that we have, and will never forget this adventure we shared.

A picture perfect way to start the summer. I hope this summer feels as stretched out and endless as it did when I was a kid. Maybe the key is to savour every moment so that every day feels full and satisfying...not just when you are on vacation, but when you are living your daily life. Live it like you are on vacation.

Here's to longer days and warm dreamy nights sugared with the scents of summer blooms and ocean breezes. I think it's time to cut the watermelon.


  1. These photos are absolutely stunning, my friend. People often say this in comments on blogs, but I really mean it. These are gorgeous. So glad that you got to spend that time with your mother. When you talked about wanting that endless summer feeling, I completely empathized. This is exactly how I have been feeling, too.

    I'll take a slice of that watermelon, please! xoxo Gigi

  2. Oh my god where did you find those beautiful things. so pretty.

  3. LOL! I see you're getting the weird spam too.

    I'm with Gigi - such wonderful pictures. I want a road trip, a longish one, one with no particular place to go. Maybe I could drive your mom someplace. :) I like to go slow.


  4. i think i need to call my mom and plan a road trip...

    and that horse's like you asked it "please" stand with your bottom close to the tree and look that it !

  5. oh my gosh.

    the horse!
    the flowers!
    the GREEN!

    london has been hot, hot, hot and going very brown right now, so these pictures are a delight for my eyes.

  6. all are gorgeous but that white horse steals my very breath!! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  7.!! I almost want to raise a glass and to these long days and warm dreamy nights..and time endlessly spent with ones we love!

  8. Those photos are enchanting. I want to run through those meadows and wade through those streams. I can smell the flowers where I'm sitting.

  9. The feelings you have for your Mom and this trip come through in this post. You definitely have a way with words and an eye for photos. Can associate with what you're saying Jaime. My daughter and I did our first Mom and daughter trip last year and we had a fabulous time! Your photos are gorgeous!!! The one with the fence bending off to the left is really cool and the horse under the tree . . . I keep thinking he looks like the perfect horse to be a unicorn!

  10. Oh, such beautiful photos! I'm pretty sure I would want to move in to those little towns, too. Summer is such a magical time of year, all those warm golden days... I am definitely all for road trips. Even when I was little, I loved staring out the windows at the wide and beautiful world.

  11. Special times in special places, with much-loved company...just beautiful!

  12. What a wonderful way, indeed, to start the summer. Road trips are the best, especially when spent with someone you hold dear. The ability to turn left rather than right, to stop and spend time with an ice cream cone in hand rather than hurrying along - nothing better than that.

  13. This summer feels like a vacation somehow. It feels full and satisfying and simple. I am loving it.

    Your countryside is beautiful. It looks so calm and serene and lush and green and romantic.

  14. Here's to longer days and warm dreamy nights sugared with the scents of summer blooms and ocean breezes. I think it's time to cut the watermelon.

    Yes. Oh, yes! I feel excited for you as your summer is still new. You have so many pleasures just ahead. I love to think of you laughing and talking with your Mom. Her watching with pride as you create such incredibly beautiful images.

    My own summer is coming to an end. I have to be back to work in two weeks, the kids begin in three. That brings its own kind of joy, but oh. I will miss the long, lazy days.

  15. your images are simply breaktaking. sounds like such a wonderful time with your mom. my daughter and i had a nice road trip as well but instead of one to start the summer it was a trip to close the summer (even though it was the same week as yours) funny. we went to Niagara Falls and had a great time.