Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Fear...

I know that you are there.
And I know that you are too stubborn to leave me alone.

But I also know that you reside inside my brain.
And the bigger, more powerful part of me resides within my heart, the source of love and all good things. And that part of me is even strong enough to love you.
Because in a lot of respects, you can be my ally.
You tell me where the danger is, and you help me to avoid catastrophe.

But...I have learned that sometimes, my well being is not in your best interest. Sometimes, when my heart feels strong, and I am full of passion for what I am doing in my life you will do whatever it takes to fill my brain with doubt.
You deceive me.
Sometimes I don't catch it right away and I fall for your tricks.

But not today.

So, Fear.... I'm sorry I don't have more time for chit chat. I need to put my work boots on and start building my dream.

So move over and stop buzzing in my ear like a pesky little mosquito.

Or I'll squish you.


  1. I love this....
    and it's so true !
    I think we all have fear hiding around the corner ready to stop us...or make us question what we're doing....and sometimes, as much as we hate it, it can be a very good thing to have that as a speed bump to slow us down. BUT, sometimes it's nice to have a big pair of boots on to kick it high and far away from where we are.....and where we're going !

  2. I love, love, love this post, sweet & amazing Jaime!

    Why is it that you always write about the things I need to ponder, and you do it in a way that makes me feel wiser and stronger. You've got such a gift.

    Keep building you dreams! I'll come over and help, and I'll bring my bug swatter to help combat any pesky fears either of us has.

    All best,

  3. ((((hugs))) to you, honey, for these wonderful, inspirational words!


  4. you read my very thoughts. but wrote them like i never could. this reminds me so much of the audio clip i heard today about "the strangest secret". goes right along with that.

    this is wonderful!

    yes... move on over, mosquito!

  5. girl! that fear we keep inside, that we allow to stay, that we have nurtured all our lives. how hard to then turn it out, but how necessary. tough love, baby!


  6. Oh Jaime, your thoughts are so honest. Worry holds me back sometimes from doing what I would like to do. The 'what ifs'. I think I need that big boot as well today to stomp on them.

    Wonderful photo, wonderful words.

    Take care friend,
    xxoo Catherine

  7. jaime, i love that i have found your blog. your words are wonderful, as are the images that seem perfectly fitted for them. perfectly written and perfectly captured.

  8. Just love the photograph that goes with this post. Fear is such an obstacle at times, I don't think that it ever truly leaves us, but we become wiser in dealing with it.

    p.s I am back at blogger :-)

  9. Great photo and post Jaime!

  10. You have a way with words and images Jaime! This post captures the description of fear and my own desire to banish it just perfectly. Thank you~

  11. Love this. So honest..so true. You have captured the feeling of fearing letting go of fear absolutely perfectly. Your words are magical!!!

  12. Squish him, baby. Make him go splat!! Then race, run girl, toward your dreams!! I'm in your corner rooting for you. Can you hear me cheering?

  13. fantastic, you tell him/her. Dream big and and carry a big stick. :-)
    Love the boot as planter.

  14. Fantastic! I am all for dream-building.

    Is that boot a planter? I love it!

  15. I love this. I should have it framed and hanging on my wall.

  16. Hello Jaime,

    Just here, reading through the posts Relyn pointed out to us. I've enjoyed my visit. Sometimes fear does get the better of us but how nice to have this little piece of advice?!

  17. Love what you share here. I am visiting from Relyn's blog. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous words.

  18. I so HEAR you

    and it truly is a pesky little

    and you are utterly charming as you
    swoosh it away


  19. oh yes, squish it! you deserve the best.

  20. As Joseph Campbell said, "When you follow your bliss . . . doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors." Love this poem and especially the photo.

  21. Awesome! Good reminder. Thanks :)