Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take it Lightly

Are you having an off day? Feeling a little blue? Wish you rolled off the right side of the bed today? Try not to take things too seriously...

The poppy buds are sticking their tongues out at you.

The ferns are blowing party favors at your nose.

And the dandelions?
Well, take heart....Mother Nature has her bad hair days too.



  1. oh oh oh, I'm all about the ferns - fantastic shot

  2. Oh, these are wonderful!!! Delicious!! The bottom one looks like a coke shaken-not-stirred, then opened, and I can just see myself with it, running around laughing, squirting everyone within sight & distance!

    :) Debi

  3. hahaha. so clever.
    what amazing shots of nature you have here - every one. they look sort of otherworldly.
    btw, thanks for the visits to our blog. i so admire your work.

  4. Jaime... Perfection! Flowers do have personalities and mother nature has her way over us any time she wishes. We're just along for the ride... might as well stop now and then to appreciate her generosity... especially when all our "things" in life cause stress. Thank you for this beauty.

  5. That first photo made me think of Georgia O Keefe for some reason :-) Lovely macro shots jaime!

  6. all your posts compiled together would make the most wonderful little inspirational book.

  7. *smile

    how did you know that i was miss grumpy pants today, thank you for this, xoxox

  8. Oh my gosh these are fabulous! My favorite is the unfolding fern frond, so delicate.

  9. Love these! Your words brought a smile, especially the party favor one. I took a similar dandelion photo not long ago, but yours is having a funkier hair day than mine was!

  10. As always, you write the most perfect posts. This has made me giggle with delight.

  11. I could never get tired of looking at your photos...(sigh....)



  12. these are all so beautiful! i just found your blog and what a beautiful intro to it this post is...i'm excited to read more!

  13. that second picture is heaven...doesn't look at all like a bad hair day to me. :-)

    and my WV is "nesti" which somehow seems like what these are...of or related to nests. :-)

  14. you are nature's comedian! a real 'natural.' the bad hair day i can relate to that's for sure. knowing i am in such 'grounded' company makes me feel much less worried about those split ends.